Q: Where are you located:

A: At this moment we are fully operational online at bnbcloseouts.com Items can be picked up from warehouse.

Q: What are your hours? 

A: Currently we are open Saturday and Sunday from 10am to 6pm for item pick up. 

Q: What products do you offer for sale?

A: Pallets and Truckloads are offered manifested and un-manifested.

Q: What is a pallet?

A: Standard pallet size 48x40 cubic foot box filled with merchandise from top online sellers.

Q: What is a mixed pallet?

A:  A mixed pallet is a box of mixed merchandise. for example an item can be from the automotive section and an item can be from the HomeGoods section. 

Q: What is a truckload?
mi-truck filled with 20 to 24 mixed pallets merchandise. Truckloads can be purchased/ ordered online through the link on the page. Truckloads will be delivered to your preferred destination. Freight charges will be added to your truckload purchases only. We do not offer shipping for single pallets.

Q: Do you ‘cherry pick’ pallets?

A: No, that is why we say un-manifested, we do not touch any products on the pallets. We have no knowledge of the items inside. That’s why we say, “our loss your gain”.

Q: What is manifested?
A: A detailed list of inventory offered on pallets and Truckloads.

Q: What is un-manifested?

A: Our pallets are un-manifested meaning we do not touch inventory on the pallets, we do not calculate the value of each individual pallet, we do not ‘cherry pick’ our pallets. You choose the best deal at a low cost. We can offer manifested pallets at a higher price to inquire please email sales@bnbcloseouts.com

Q: How can I make Payment?

A: Payments must be made online, there is no cash accepted upon pick up. Once payment has cleared, we will be in contact to schedule a pick up time.

Q: Do you offer returns if we don’t like what we bought?

A: All Products is Sold As Is, All Sales are Final and there are NO Cancellations, Returns, Credits or Exchanges. Keep in mind pallets are usually “our loss your gain”.

Q: Can I just show up to warehouse and buy something?

A: No, all purchases are made online, pallets are picture detailed so YOU can choose the best option.

Q: What is the procedure for picking up purchased pallets?

A: Once payment is cleared, we will contact you to arrange a pick up appointment. If you miss your appointment, we will reschedule your appointment for the next day. If that appointment is missed the item purchased is forfeited including payment. *Please see refund policy*

Q: What is a missed appointment?

A: A missed appointment is any appointment time frame missed past an hour after set appointment time.  For example, if your appointment is at 2:30pm on pickup day it will be notated as a missed appointment at 3:30pm on pick up day.

Q: What is forfeited?
Products that are purchased and left undeliverable or notated as not picked up will be forfeited and payment will not be returned. *Please see refund policy*

Q: What is the receiving procedure for a truckload delivery?

A: We will notify you of a delivery time frame. Once truck arrives, please be ready to unload your truck. Equipment needed for unloading: a receiving dock for the truck to unload to. A forklift either gas or electric powered, And or manual or electric pallet jack. *Please see truck load shipping policy*