Terms used in describing items. What do those terms mean? 

New in OPEN box: Box has been opened, but product appears to be new.

New in DAMAGED box: Packaging is damaged but product inside is not damaged.

Salvage: Product usually does NOT fu nction and will be good for parts or repair. This product is usually damaged to some extent, also used interchangeably with ‘for parts only’.

Pallet: standard pallet size 48x40 cubic foot box filled with merchandise from top online sellers.

Truckloads: semi-truck filled with 20 to 24 pallets (see above for terminology) usually worth 40,000 in value. Truckloads can be purchased/ ordered online through the link on the page. Truckloads will be delivered to your preferred destination. Upon delivery you must have dock with a pallet jack or forklift to unload the truck. Freight charges will be added to your truckload purchases only. We do not offer shipping for single pallets

  • Manifested:  A detailed list of inventory offered on pallets and Truckloads. 

Un-manifested: Our pallets are un-manifested meaning we do not touch inventory on the pallets, we do not calculate the value of each individual pallet, we do not ‘cherry pick’ our pallets. You choose the best deal at a low cost. We can offer manifested pallets at a higher price to inquire please email sales@bnbcloseouts.com

  • Forfeited: products that are purchased and left undeliverable or notated as not picked up will be forfeited and payment will not be returned. *please see refund policy*

All truck loads/ pallet are uninspected products. BNB Closeouts LLC does not guarantee condition or accuracy of description. We make every attempt to provide an accurate description of our products. Due to the nature of return products condition will vary from truck to truck. BNB Closeouts LLC does not issue returns, refunds, credit, or exchanges on any of our products.