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MOUNTO 3-Speed 1Hp 4000cfm Air Mover Floor Carpet Dryers with Handle Wheelkit (Black)

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Weight: 41lbs
Dimensions: 20x17x19inches


  • HIGH VELOCITY - 4000cfm 1hp 3speed setting Air Mover which is perfect for drying the floor, carpet, hallway, or garage.
  • HEAVY-DUTY -Roto-mold housing which perfectly for commercial and industrial environments
  • MULTI-USE - 2 direction (0,20degree ) perfect for Spills, paint, rugs, and other surface will dry in no time
  • RELIABLE - Durable long lasting roto molded housing work for years. Attached Cord 10 Ft 14 AWG
  • PORTABLE AND STACKABLE - This unit is stackable equipped with durable Handle and wheel kit for easy moving, and perfect for use in crawl spaces, cabinets, closets, or any other cramped area you may need to dry